Earth’s Final Days

The Apostle Peter said himself in 1 Peter 7, “But the end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer.” 1 Peter 4:7 KJV The Lord Jesus Himself while He was still on this earth preaching repentance and the Good News of the kingdom of God saying in Marc […]

Prophecy Highlights

The tree of knowledge of good and evil (First chapter of creation, a negative warning from God) A correlation between the land and its people (The land of Israel and the Jews) The East-West mystery (Bounless time of forgiveness) The double negative mystery (the serpent sign, Moses’ staff against Egypt’s serpent) The mystery of faith […]

A Loss In Time

This is the story of two (2) brothers that we read in the Bible according to the Book of Luc, ().They were and grew up in their father’s house where they lacked nothing and they lived as princes and sons until one day the youngest so desired to live a separate life and be far […]

God’s Perfect Plan

There is a deep concern and an unending revelation found in the Book of Genesis the third Chapter (chapter 3) as it relates to Adam’s sin in the Garden of God in Eden where God’s perfect plan is revealed through the creation of Adam and Eve, a mystery that almost no one could have ever […]

3 Creepy Stephen Hawking’s Predictions about the Future of Humankind

There are some of Stephen Hawking’s predictions that none of us want to be around to see – from the apocalypse to aliens. Several conspiracy theories have been placed in the very center of many of Stephen Hawking’s statements. Many of them were just noticed at the time before his death in 2018, but they have certainly got us talking! Hawking’s predictions took a […]

Aliko Dangote, Africa’s wealthiest man, says he is committed to combating malaria on the continent

pulseApril 25, 2019 6:15 am As the world observed World Malaria Day 2019, Aliko Dangote, Africa’s wealthiest man, says he is committed to combating malaria in Africa and called on all stakeholders to redouble their commitment to eliminate the life-threatening disease. Aliko Dangote, the President of Dangote Group and United Nations (UN) Malaria Ambassador for […]

Extreme snowstorm strikes Middle East

The mysterious and extreme weather has caused bizarre ‘ice floods’ to sweep across deserts in Saudi Arabia, Iran, and the United Arab Emirates. The freezing plunge in temperatures has perplexed meteorologists in a region that is typically basking in scorching sunshine at this time of year. Last week, several parts of Tunisia were hit by snow and torrential rainfall, […]

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