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The East-West Mystery

This is a mystery that is far out of our reach to understand. Because it’s just a mystery and that mystery relates to us, you and I and as human beings God expect us to live and be in good terms by that I mean having peace with our neighbor. What seems to be most […]

How Real Is God To You?

Many have already rejected the God of creation, this creation. Some are or have become atheists, others are just perplexed and confused whether God is real or not, whatever has become of Him, care not to go with the flow, by that I mean wherever life takes them. While others don’t really care if there’s […]

The Rise Of A.I

The Lord has showed me that A.I as we know it today artificial intelligence (A.I) is not only a technology that has emerged has somewhat known an accelerated growth in less than a decade of those past years and will continue to evolve in such a point that those scientists will boast to proudly achieve […]

Everlasting Reign Of A True King

And as the above title mentioned it “Everlasting Reign Of A True King” is again the title of how it is proved that God is the the Almighty God who has all power, authority, dominion, glory and majesty gor ever and ever. We can certainly read this part in the passages of the Scripture in […]

A Lost Gospel

This has always been the plan of the enemy ever since the apostles, the founders and pioneers of the church, and for the gospel and that same church that the Lord Jesus Christ sacrified His life for upon dying on a cross and for the redemption of the souls of those who love Him; of […]



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