We often fail ourselves when it comes yo challenging moments to look to the bright side where hope smiles at us. It is as if it God who had abandoned us and let us down paying no particular attention. So question keep arising and we wonder where is God? He seems not to care anymore […]
It is said that people are curious and has become an inherent character we all were born with. Who will not ask for a sign? Or who don’t need a sign? Why ask for a sign? There is absolutely no way one could Spare a moment not talking about signs and what are they (signs) […]
In Hour & Prophecy The word of the Lord came to me in an unexpected hour and the Lord spoke clearly saying these words as considered to be a : WARNING! Two (2) nations are threatening one another and to war against each other and the Lord said: Take note, son that one of these […]
NASA asteroid warning: 2019 DN will skim Earth on Friday (Image: Getty) NASA has warned a colossal asteroid is barrelling on a collision course towards Earth at 16,000 mph. By TOM FISHPUBLISHED: 07:14, Thu, Mar 7, 2019UPDATED: 07:23, Thu, Mar 7, 2019 US space agency NASA has confirmed the asteroid, named 2019 DN, is classified as a Near Earth Object […]
What if I told you, would you believe? this title is about UFOs have you noticed…? That was the exact and same question that the Lord God asked Satan back then in ancient times, the patriarchs, we read in the Bible. Have we noticed anything so far in this title that would require our time […]
In the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) and life beyond our Solar System humanity has always struggled with the challenge of knowing what to look for. If life on Earth is anything to go by, we know that it requires some highly specific conditions in order to emerge, thrive and evolve. And if the kinds […]
The two (2) middle men is a broad topic that we are going to cover in these next paragraphs. One is to be seen as the mediator between God and humanity, Jesus , the true witness of God the Father whereas the other man sinful in nature (mankind, sons of rebellion) has vowed to withstand […]
It is the greatest mystery ever revealed to man, which is the mystery of God the Father, Jesus (Yeshua) the Son of God and the God, Holy Spirit. And only the Bible which we know is the word of God could tell about the work of God, His creation in which and everywhere we see […]



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