A short story about this ministry…

MyWayMinistries is to encourage others how we all can minister unto the Lord, and to each other. That we all have our own unique way to our calling and one common goal to reach.

That is Lord’s great commision to everyone is to preach the Good News of the Kingdom of God and how we have been saved and were called to His marvellous light.

These are Jesus’ words, “You will know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free.” John 8.32

An annoying girlfriend Don’t want to be an annoying girlfriend? Here’s a list of the top things that piss all boyfriends off. Avoid these habits and your man will feel a lot better about the relationship. Guys love their girlfriends but they can’t help hating a few annoying girlfriend habits. Has your man ever sulked […]
BY LAUREN ROXBURGH PHOTO: OUTDOOR VOICES At this point, you’re probably familiar with the foam roller—or more specifically, health- and wellness-minded people’s obsession with the foam roller. Still not ringing a bell? Allow us to introduce you to structural integrative specialist and Goop’s resident alignment guru Lauren Roxburgh. The woman literally wrote the book on foam-rolling. We’ll let the expert take it […]
About The Book    By Jonathan Cahn Is it possible that this ancient paradigm has determined and is determining not only the American presidency but also the timing of current events, in some cases even down to the exact dates? Could a mystery from the ancient Middle East have foretold the course of current events […]
  Written by Sandy McDowell Overview Hip pain at night can wake you up during the night or make it nearly impossible to fall asleep in the first place. The pain can come from the position you sleep in, or it could be caused by something else. For example, you don’t move much during sleep, […]
By Social Hotcakes The anti-snore nose air purifier is a gadget made to fit up your nostrils while you sleep and eliminate your snoring, while also acting as an air purifier. It works by using micro blowers that create pressured airflow through magnetic plates, and usage ultimately results with one partner quiet and the other happy. The […]
A portable decompression chamber helps scientists protect fish from injury when they are brought to the ocean’s surface. By JoAnna Klein In the ocean, sandwiched between sun-filled shallows and ever-darker depths, is a strange place where the noon sun shines only as bright as twilight. Some 200 to 500 feet below the surface is the mesophotic […]

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