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MyWayMinistries is to encourage others how we all can minister unto the Lord, and to each other. That we all have our own unique way to our calling and one common goal to reach.

That is Lord’s great commision to everyone is to preach the Good News of the Kingdom of God and how we have been saved and were called to His marvellous light.

These are Jesus’ words, “You will know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free.” John 8.32

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Ideas are great and powerful to build people up and give life and shape to communities –also to bring about changes within a society, and into our country.

Years ago I had no idea that I would have such opportunity and that’s a blessing from the Lord that today I could be a useful vessel to the Lord.

I have been walking with the Lord for over 14 years and never have I known where to start and which way I go for the Lord. After repentance and our conversion, we all have received gifts from the Lord by the Holy Spirit for specific works.

There are people with the desire to remain as they are church people as simple as it is. Others are unaware of those gifts, not only they have not been encouraged, for instance, never been taught in the faith to spiritually grow and mature — nonetheless  have they been in a situation where they would put their gifts to work and benefit from it.

I never wanted nor have I accepted to be a lukewarm christian or stay in my seat and do nothing for the Lord. We are not advancing in the Lord. However, I always knew that I needed to make a difference and to keep my light lit and shine as bright as it can.

Over the years I never fought for this nor have I expected anything to happen. I was so overwhelmed, my time and days got busier and busier to the point I knew I had missed so much that I will never catch up with time and have my life back on schedule.

I sure know that the Lord has good things in store for His children. This is interesting that it reminds me of this passage of the scripture in Mark 10. Let’s read: So they were even more astonished, saying to one another, “Then who can be saved? ” Looking at them, Jesus said, “With men it is impossible, but not with God, because all things are possible with God.”

Mark 10:26‭-‬27 HCSB

What an encouragement! “Then who can be saved?” — “With men it is impossible, but not with God, because all things are possible with God.”

This chapter talks about the rich young ruler in the Bible and this is powerful and the challenge kind of  impossible to reach that ultimate goal, “make it to Heaven.”

That’s what I happen to realize, in the past when we repented and accepted Christ Jesus and got baptized; what really was missing was that piece of encouragement. But look, Jesus told the rich man what he had to do as he lacked one thing but he failed to agree on the most crucial thing.

We all have something that we can do and  doesn’t matter when we compare ourselves to other people in term of accomplishment. It appears to be that all hope is lost and that these people are our icons and giants who are far way ahead of us. That might be true they might have got a lot pf work done for the Lord but it has never been a contest or tournament with rules set by the Lord Himself.

We will not be discouraged nor shall we fall behind!

It was about the rich man, and the rich man alone that we need to see and picture as weak and imperfect. We have be mindful as the Lord reminds us that He has already approved us and made deposits and provisions within us, each. There’s something we all can do for the Lord with more or little we may have available, so let’s make it profitable for the glory of God in our Lord, Christ Jesus.

Let’s not worry or complain about the beginning or how the end will be?— for in time the good harvest of our souls belongs to our God.





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