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The Best Thing to Eat After a Run for Weight Loss

The Best Thing to Eat After a Run for Weight Loss


After an exhilarating run, you may be tempted to skip the post-run snack, especially if you’re trying to lose weight. However, eating after a run may actually help you shed pounds. Running depletes your muscle glycogen, or stored carbohydrate, and breaks down muscle tissue. Eating a snack with carbohydrates and protein helps replenish glycogen stores and rebuilds your muscles, ensuring that you’re ready to go for your next workout and keep you on a consistent running regimen. A nutritious snack also aids your weight loss by preventing the extreme hunger that causes you to overeat later in the day.

Greek Yogurt and Fruit


Low- and nonfat Greek yogurt is higher in protein than traditional yogurt, with 17 grams of protein in 6 ounces of nonfat yogurt. This excellent source of non-meat protein pairs well with fruit, which provides the carbohydrates that will help you replenish your glycogen stores. Many fruits are also loaded with water, which helps replenish the water you lost on your run.

Banana and Almond Butter


Along with being a good carbohydrate source, bananas are high in potassium, an electrolyte that is often depleted following sweaty, strenuous running. Almond butter provides protein and a small amount of healthy fat, both of which help you feel satisfied for longer and less likely to overeat later in the day. Because almond butter is calorie-dense, limit yourself to one tablespoon with your banana.

Chocolate Milk


If you feel too nauseous to eat a snack after your run, drinking your snack may be more appealing. Chocolate milk has an optimal ratio of carbohydrates to protein, according to the American Council on Exercise. A study published in the “International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism” showed that drinking chocolate milk between two exhaustive cycling sessions increased the cyclists’ endurance on the second bout more than when they drank a carbohydrate-only beverage. One cup of low-fat chocolate milk has 178 calories, 32 grams of carbohydrates and 8 grams of protein.

Turkey Sandwich with Hummus on Whole-Wheat Bread


Turkey breast is a low-calorie source of protein, with 125 calories and 26 grams of protein in a 3-ounce serving. Hummus is a flavorful alternative to mayonnaise and contains a small amount of healthy fat to enhance flavor and keep you feeling full. Whole-wheat bread provides complex carbohydrates, which release into your bloodstream more slowly than white bread, keeping you satisfied for longer. To keep your calories in check, opt for half a sandwich with 2 to 3 ounces of turkey and a thin layer of hummus.



Weight loss requires you to consume fewer calories than you burn throughout the day. Account for these post-run snacks in your overall calorie intake and ensure that the portion sizes you choose are appropriate for your overall calorie needs and activity level. Nutritious meals and snacks at other times of the day are also essential for an effective weight-loss plan.




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