A short story about this ministry…

MyWayMinistries has emerged out of the unexpected, whereas the Holy Spirit prompted me and put on my mind the idea of a website which would be a true inspiration to others as He insisted.

This piece of work is to serve as a vessel and a blessing in a community of believers so as to encourage, exhort and heal ordinary people like you and I and those out there that are as well desperate and hungry after a world of truth and comfort and have not yet known and met Christ Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

We started out knowing not what the Lord had in store and what the next steps would be? So In the patience was I to wait until the Lord had revealed and strengthened His calling for this prophetic ministry to preaching the the Good News about Christ Jesus and the coming Kingdom and also concerning the unveiling of the End times Bible Prophecy and mysteries.

This is the Lord’s great commision imparted to each one of us which is to preach the Good News of the Kingdom of God and how we have been saved and were called to His marvellous light.

These are Jesus’ words, “You will know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free.” John 8.32

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This Hair Removal Device Has Saved Me Thousands of Dollars on Waxing

This Hair Removal Device Has Saved Me Thousands of Dollars on Waxing



Hair removal

Sure, the concept of mass tweezing may sound insanely painful, but it isn’t.

By Fiona Byrne

Hair Removal

I discovered the Braun Silk-épil though my sister Sinead, who’s also had hers for, oh, maybe a couple of decades now. And for many years now, this has also been my go-to hair remover, and it’s saved me (no lie) thousands of dollars on leg and bikini waxing, not to mention the hassle of scheduling and keeping appointments.

Here’s how it works: It’s an epilator, which means there’s a rotating head with inset tweezer-type things that spin around akin to a paint roller. You move it over your skin as you would a razor, except instead of shaving your hair, it’s plucking each one out. Even the short, fine ones. It even has a little light, so you won’t miss even the finest little hair. Sure, the concept of mass tweezing may sound insanely painful, but it isn’t — for me and my sister anyway.

Having said that, one’s pain threshold is a very personal thing, and the enclosed leaflet does say it’s most painful the first time you use it, but that it gets subsequently less painful with frequency. I can verify that this is true.

The pain is alleviated somewhat thanks to a “massage” element in the roller that stimulates the skin with micropulsations while in use. It’s less painful to use on wet skin (it’s chargeable and waterproof, so you can use it in the shower), not least because your pores are more open in warm water. And the smoothness, you guys, the smoothness! It feels like your legs have never even grown hair! Are there red spots after like with waxing? Sure, but only for one night, and when you wake up in the morning, it’s just smooth, clear, Mr. Bigglesworth–bald legs.

I’m going to be real with you, however: The bikini line does hurt a bit more. As with legs, it gets somewhat less painful the more often you use it on that area, but it’s certainly not something I get excited about every few weeks. It’s not dreadful, but it’s not enjoyable.

The newest version comes with various interchangeable heads, including a shaver, exfoliating brush for face and body, and even a rubbery massage head to improve skin texture (read: cellulite), which I’m convinced is actually working.
Original Price: $140


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