A short story about this ministry…

MyWayMinistries has emerged out of the unexpected, whereas the Holy Spirit prompted me and put on my mind the idea of a website which would be a true inspiration to others as He insisted.

This piece of work is to serve as a vessel and a blessing in a community of believers so as to encourage, exhort and heal ordinary people like you and I and those out there that are as well desperate and hungry after a world of truth and comfort and have not yet known and met Christ Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

We started out knowing not what the Lord had in store and what the next steps would be? So In the patience was I to wait until the Lord had revealed and strengthened His calling for this prophetic ministry to preaching the the Good News about Christ Jesus and the coming Kingdom and also concerning the unveiling of the End times Bible Prophecy and mysteries.

This is the Lord’s great commision imparted to each one of us which is to preach the Good News of the Kingdom of God and how we have been saved and were called to His marvellous light.

These are Jesus’ words, “You will know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free.” John 8.32

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Anti-snore nose purifier puts an end to violent snoring

Anti-snore nose purifier puts an end to violent snoring


Anti-snore Purifier

By Social Hotcakes

The anti-snore nose air purifier is a gadget made to fit up your nostrils while you sleep and eliminate your snoring, while also acting as an air purifier.

It works by using micro blowers that create pressured airflow through magnetic plates, and usage ultimately results with one partner quiet and the other happy. The colors it comes in are blue, red, and white.

Eliminating snoring and breathing pure air can make your entire night of sleep more enjoyable. Sleeping with a violent snorer is like waking up to an alarm that you never set, and can’t turn off. The heaviest of snorers tend to be in denial, so just gift this to someone who needs it.


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